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   Juan Martínez

Born in Naranjos, Mexico, Juan completed a bachelor’s degree at Facultad de Música de la Universidad Veracruzana and received the Diploma of Advanced Percussion Studies. Awarded a FONCA scholarship from the government of Mexico, he is pursuing a master’s degree at Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Netherlands.

In 2001 Juan was awarded First Prize at the International Marimba Duo Competition (Belgium). He performed in the XOC Duo, with whom he recorded the CD XOC Marimba Duos (2002). He also received First Prize at the National Solo Marimba Competition in Chiapas, Mexico in 1999. While in Mexico, he participated in two International Percussion Festivals with the XOC Ensemble, and served as a member of the Ensamble de Percusiones de Xalapa and Sinfónica Juvenil de Veracruz. Juan also held positions as timpanist and percussionist of the Guanajuato and Xalapa Symphonic Orchestras. Recently, he has collaborated with the Percussion Group The Hague, The Barton Workshop, Soil, Modelo 62, Tambuco, and Neopercusión.